Power Outage


Here’s some news from C.L. Overman regarding the power outage that began around 6pm:


Just traded emails and he is trying to find out the severity of the damage from the downed tree at Tall Pine/Montlake. Will advise.


Not good news from a KUB rep. The tree broke a cross arm so they are having to pull new primary and neutral. Making an estimate of time is just a guess. Could be a while.


Sorry if I Alarmed you… again.


In making updates to our site – once again I created pages in an effort to improve your experience with it. And the site then sent out emails to tell all of you great people what I’ve been up to.

It was supposed to be a surprise.

I’ll share a bit more about this at the next HOA meeting – see you there!

Get your Pecans for the Holidays!


pecan_pie_november_2010This year, in addition to the form you may have received in your mailbox, you can order them through our neighborhood site!

Click here to order online!

The Lakemoor Hills Garden Club’s annual pecan sale is easy as pie again this year. Place your order before mid-October and your new-crop pecans will be delivered to your home before Thanksgiving. A garden club member will call or e-mail you to arrange the most convenient delivery time.


These are mammoth whole new-crop Georgia pecan halves for only $12 per pound (+1$ for online purchases). Pieces are also available. Remember, proceeds from the pecan sale are used to beautify the neighborhood’s public garden areas. If you have questions call Fran Thomforde at 621-2418 or e-mail thomforde@comcast.net.



Water Treatment in Lakemoor Hills


Hello friends & neighbors,
Lori & I are considering water softeners and/or water descaling systems for our home. We cloth diaper our 4 month old and have been having a heck of a time with mineral build-up.

I’ve done some research on amazon.com but thought I’d send out an inquiry to the good people of LMH to see what your experience has been with water treatment and if you can recommend any particulr systems and/or provide any further information regarding water quality, pH, and hardness info.

Thanks in advance!
David Couch of 3525 Bluff Point Drive.