TDOT Completes Improvements to Alcoa Hwy / Maloney Rd.

photoAfter TDOT completed the reconstruction at the intersection of Alcoa Hwy and Maloney Rd., it was evident that a deceleration lane was not possible with existing utility lines.  The LHHA was told that the utilities could not be moved for the deceleration lane installed at this time.  LHHA requested that additional signage and striping be installed to warn motorists about the narrow shoulder.  That work was recently completed, as shown in the attached photo.

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  1. Mark Hill

    Thanks to TDOT for attempting to address the deceleration issue at Maloney. Now if they would make a cut in those curbs so that cyclists could cross Alcoa Highway without having to either stop in traffic to lift the bike over the curb or go the wrong way up one of the middle exits (my usual method).

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