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Hi neighbors! I’m sure you recall, last winter on our peninsula was a challenging one – we didn’t find it so bad until we were without power for 3 days. Once we ran out of firewood, our house got down to 45 degrees. With 2 little one’s we are simply not willing to endure that again.

We have just had two consultations done for a Generac 22kw standby Generator. One was provided by Lloyd’s Electric Service, and the other by Pioneer Heating and Air Conditioning.

  • Has anyone had similar or the same work done?
  • From either of these two authorized Generac installers?
3525 Bluff Point Drive

We loved the snow on the trees – until the power went out. For 3 days!


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  1. David Couch Post author

    Thanks all for the responses and anecdotes. We’ve decided to go for the essentials and brave this winter with an emegency generator.

    We’ll need to figure out the best way to support the sump, furnace fan, fridge and freezer. I’m uncertain if we should just use extension cords or go for the transfer switches.

    A neighbor mentioned that Lloyd’s offered them a trade-in on thier Generac portable. So I’m likely to coordinate with them on our interim solution.

    Thanks again!

  2. Matt Boyington

    My wife and I went through a similar decision process over the past year. We live in a part of the neighborhood that does not have natural gas service. We bought a dual fuel portable generator that will run on either gas or propane.

    A big concern was fuel supply. I was worried if there was a big storm that we would not be able to get out of the neighborhood to get fuel for several days. Also, when the power is out the gas station isn’t open. My research into storing large amounts gasoline lead me to believe that it was not a good idea. I didn’t want to have 10’s or 100’s of gasoline on the property that had I to rotate and worry about it going bad.

    The only way for us to power our heat pump would be with a whole house generator or having an electrician install a transfer switch. We also had an electric water heater that was hardwired and could not be plugged into a generator outlet. Some propane water heaters do not need any electricity to function or they need only a normal outlet to operate the electronic ignition and controls. Our water heater was going out, and we needed to replace it one way or another.

    We opted to get a large propane tank installed which can contain up to 400 gallons of fuel. I don’t have to do anything beyond watching the gage on the tank and calling for a refill when it gets low. We now have a gas water heater, a quick connect for the generator, and our grill is connected. We won’t be able to power the heat pump or central ac with our generator, but we will be able to run our space heaters, water heater, fridge, lights, grill, etc for up to several weeks.
    We also have a fireplace. Perhaps down the road we will get a gas insert or a stand alone propane heater for downstairs. Our generator can power a portable AC which would be enough to cool down a room or two.

    We won’t have all the normal conveniences during a power outage; however, this will allow us to be relatively comfortable in our house instead of going to a hotel.

    We haven’t had an extended power outage since getting the generator so I don’t have practical experience with our solution. If our house had natural gas service we would have likely gone with a LP generator.

    Hope this helps anyone trying to plan for the next big power outage.



  3. PeeJay Alexander

    Hello all,
    We are new to the neighborhood as of April this year but survived the winter prior to moving into Lakemoor Hills! After speaking with some of our neighbors about the power concerns and the forecast of another tough winter coming, we have acquired a Briggs and Stratton 5550 generator( I have no experience with generators and would love some tips on setup and power failover design!

  4. John Haynes

    Hi David-
    We bought a GE (natural gas) several years ago and have had great luck with it – no problems. It had an extra year of warranty more than most of the others. We had an independent electrician install ours – Jerry Shipe, Energy Electric, 219-8303
    Good up-front system design and excellent service. Very responsive to follow-up questions and changes. Can use non-proprietary filters, etc. Another resident on our street installed the same one and is also very happy. Good luck with your installation! Never good to be in the dark!
    John Haynes

  5. Paul Howard

    We went through Home Depot 2-3 years ago and have a GE generator. HD used a different installer than the two mentioned, but I can’t recall their name. At the time I think the GE was a better choice for us. I know Pioneer has been around a while and Generac make an excellent product. I’m guessing that you are looking at natural gas for the fuel source. Good luck with you decision, we have been happy with ours.

      • Dawn Thomas

        Good to know recommended Generac installers. I have a portable Coleman and looking to implement a standby unit. Have natural gas on prem. My power is fed from Montlake so normally stable. It’s just me and the collies, kitties and fish, but none of us appreciate days without power, even those with fur coats :^) Thanks for your post and information!

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