Septic Suggestions?

Howdy Folks…

I have a major septic issue I need to resolve, and while I have had one person come out, and I am going to try to reach the person the Dick Graf suggested on the list here, I wanted to ask if anyone else had a recommendation.  Thanks.

Clay Aalders

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  1. Ted Smith

    We’ve had great experiences with Kington Sewer & Septic Drain Cleaning Service Inc . (865) 690-7663

    Other highly recommended services (Angie’s List) are:
    – Bob’s Septic Service – (865) 579-5699 –
    – Sunshine Septic Inc. – 865) 977-8977 (Alcoa)
    – Rose Septic Tank Service – (865) 933-2253 –

    Ted Smith

  2. Karen Hughes

    Septic Issues:
    Brogden recommends A. L. Braden 789-7065 for septic tank work
    Kington Septic (690-8774) recommends – Marshall Graves 755-7617
    Rural Septic Service (463-9641) recommends Steve Foster 617-5476

    Let us know if you find someone good.

    • Fishman Family

      Bob’s Septic 579-5699 is awesome. When we moved in many years years ago, we didn’t even know where the tank was and they found it with a stethoscope type of thing without digging up our whole yard. They are a very experienced reasonable father-son business.

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