Radar sign test phase

LHHA Traffic Safety Task Force
C.L. Overman
(865) 363-2663

Our radar speed sign has been located on Maloney northbound just past the church. The sign is adjacent to the community Christmas tree.

The sign company is going to adjust for [adjusted] the sign for proper operations today or tomorrow [May 23rd or 24th]. We will let it run a couple of days at that location to iron out the kinks.

Lakemoor Hills Presb. Church was helpful to provide the location as we cannot locate it on street right-of-way. Other good neighbors have provided spots for the sign along Montlake both downhill and uphill. We could use a couple more sites along Maloney if any kindly neighbor would like to volunteer a nice open site. The traffic engineer turned down one volunteered Maloney site for being too close to the road. If you would like to volunteer your yard, please give me a call and I’ll drop by to take a look.

Thanks again for your assistance and support.”

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