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    Donna Scott

    Today at about 11:40am a man in a red jeep with an out of town license plate acted suspicious when I was walking my dogs. He drove slowly past me going up Blow drive just off Maloney, then turned around and drove slowly past me again. He waved so I waved back but I was very nonchalant, but alert. I continued walking up and around Blow Dr. and decided to turn down Woodmere Ln. Just after walking about 150 ft down Woodmere, I saw that he was turning down this street behind me. I did not look at him as he drove past and then he turned around in the cove. When he drove past me again, I got out my camera and he saw I was taking his picture and he sped off. I’m sorry to say, I did not get the picture but he doesn’t know that. I was nervous and hit the button wrong. I did report it to the police because I think its important for police to be aware of suspicious events. The license plate was black and white and I could not see any state on it. The number was something like VOO-H53 but not exactly. The plate could have been fake since there was no state label easily recognizable. Again, the situation was disconcerting and I was flustered. The person driving the jeep was a very respectable-appearing 30 something year old African-American male. If anyone knows this person and if there is a reasonable explanation for his behavior, please let me know and I will definitely clear this up. Otherwise, please call police if you see this person still roaming the neighborhood. Remind your children to be cautious toward anyone they don’t know personally. Thanks for being good neighbors!

    Donna Scott
    3515 Blow Drive

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