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    Kathy Proctor

    The streets in our neighborhood are designated with a maximum speed of 30 MPH where some streets have even lower limits.  Excessive speeding on our small roads creates difficulty and even peril for residents trying to retrieve their mail or walk their pets.    This forum  is a place where we can post ideas and have a discussion about how to resolve this issue and create a safe environment for all who live here.  Please post your comments.


    Paul Howard

    All the items mentioned could be easily done by the county road dept. One would be, erect additional speed limit and pedestrian caution signs. New center stripes on Montlake and the north end of Maloney would be a nice addition also. The one thing that would be a great option to speed humps would be rumble strips. I’ve attached a couple of links as examples, these or even painted lines like them could get a visual point across. I feel this is an important subject for the neighborhood, due to the potential of speeding cars to walkers, bikers or other cars.




    C.L. Overman

    Lakemoor Hills New Year’s Resolution
    As we move into 2017, a New Year’s resolution is offered for your consideration.
    We are fortunate to live in a wonderful neighborhood where our residents truly are neighbors in the best sense of the word.
    Most of our streets are residential in nature and generally demand slower speeds.
    Montlake and Maloney are the primary exceptions.
    Complaints of speeding on these roads, casual observation as well as close-calls indicate speeding is on-going.
    Improved traffic safety requires education, engineering and enforcement. We can add “empathy” for our neighbors as a fourth component of traffic safety.
    So, in 2017, here’s a basic plan.
    1. EMPATHY – Let’s start out the year with Empathy for our neighbors who live and walk along Montlake and Maloney by slowing down and observing the speed limit which is 30 mph and 25 mph on Ferry.

    2. EDUCATION – Our neighborhood is full of intelligent people so consider this resolution educational. We all know the results of speeding so not much Education should be required.

    3. ENGINEERING – The Knox County traffic engineer has agreed to analyze signing and striping needs from an Engineering perspective along our two major roads and make selected additions/improvements. You may see additional signage but we know instinctively when we are driving too fast on our two major roads.

    4. ENFORCEMENT – As a last resort, the KCSO may be asked to provide Enforcement of speed limits.

    The LHHA meeting is Tuesday, January 17 at 7:00PM at Lake Hills Presbyterian Church.


    Paul Howard

    Good Points.
    We have gone over and acted on some of these in the past.
    From the minutes of 9/17/2013, concerning speeding in LMH:
    “c. The LHHA had many opportunities to get to know each other through the successful
    picnic, work on the new website, an active welcoming committee, the neighborhood
    cleanup event, and the mail out addressing speeding in the peninsula.”
    From the minutes of – January 21, 2014 concerning Roadway Line Painting:
    Roadway Line Painting (Ann Graf and Gene Burr )
    “Dick Graf has constantly called the county to remind them of the need to paint centerlines and sidelines of our roads. They said that they would consider paint and rumble strips on the centerline of curves on Maloney. The county will also review putting two new speed limit signs on Maloney. They have announced this is a spring project.”

    How many times do we have to request improvements for Safety before it’s to late? Maybe just the sight of an increased Law Enforcement presence would be the jolt some folks need, with or without ticketing.


    C.L. Overman

    At the recent LHHA HOA meeting, we discussed speeding and possible actions, past, present and future. The Knox Co traffic engineer has submitted work orders for some additional signs and is waiting for feedback from above on other striping, rumble strips etc. The Board has created a Task Force which will hopefully be up and running shortly. We would like to have additional volunteers for the task force especially with an engineering, law enforcement and education background. In the meantime, please respect your neighbors and drive the speed limit….
    C.L. Overman


    Paul Howard

    Has there been any word back from the Knox Co. traffic engineer about the much needed striping on Maloney, north of Montlake? The stripes have become impossible to see anymore. Thanks


    C.L. Overman

    Paul, I’ve been out of town and honestly forgot to ask him. Senior moment . Will call tomorrow.


    Paul Howard

    Speeding and reckless driving has been a hot topic on our Facebook page. People have discussed possibly approaching individuals about their speeding and aggressive driving. Food for thought on approaching any persons that are perceived as speeding or driving recklessly. Remember the times that we now live in and how people react differently. Consider the what may happen if you approach any person about these issues, their response/reaction may not be favorable. No ones safety is worth possible confrontation or harm.

    If you feel it’s a important enough problem, we do pay county taxes for law enforcement to assist with these type of problems. All that is needed is to place a call, explain the situation and they could step up their patrols and presence to help curb any speeders, etc. The more they hear from us the more they will understand we have an issue that needs attention.

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