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    David Couch
    The email received from C.L. Overman on October 25th 2016:
    As your rep on the Lakemoor Emergency Response Team which is chaired by Mike Parker and Bob Proctor, I wanted to provide you with a few points of information prior to the winter weather season:
    • I will try to stop by everyone’s home between now and Thanksgiving to introduce myself.
    • The Lakemoor Hills Emergency Response Team is made up of a number of our neighbors who are responsible for a segment (typically a street) of our neighborhood
    • Paul Howard appears to be in our area but, as a retired firefighter, he is automatic to be a team member covering nearby areas.  I will talk with Paul and back him up if needed and vice versa.  Additionally, I’ll ask a couple of close-by neighbors to help as needed.
    • During approaching weather events, I will stay in touch with our team leaders and will coordinate with them as needed.
    • During approaching events, I will send out texts and emails as deemed useful with any information I don’t think you’re already receiving via TV/radio coverage.  Don’t need to overdo it but communication is key.  Additionally, the LH website will be utilized as needed.
    • As needed, I will stop by to check on assigned Bluff Point  residents during unusual weather events.
    • My wife, Kim, and I will have at least one Jeep (one may sell soon) with four wheel drive.  Additionally, we will have a winch-equipped Jeep available in the neighborhood.  Our Jeep is an Army Green color and you may see it along Bluff Point during inclement weather.  Feel free to flag me down for any assistance.
    • I have tuned up my chain saw and have other simple tools for clearing smaller blow-downs.
    • The beauty of our team is that we can call in other team members as needed.
    • Bottom line – I will be on my mobile phone (865) 363-2663 and on CB channel 9 during weather events and will be available as needed for any assistance.  A backup mobile number is (865) 679-7231.
    Additionally, I have been tasked to be LHHA rep to KUB and will have direct communications with that agency in major power outage event.  Mike Parker and Bob Proctor will also be in direct contact with Knox County Emergency Management Agency.
    KUB reps will attend our November LHHA HOA meeting on Nov 15 to explain the Lakemoor Drive waterline project and to discuss winter weather preparedness.  I would encourage you to attend the meeting.  Thanks to Sharon Gerkin’s earlier work with KUB, they are paying attention to LHs.
    If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to give me a call.  Let’s hope none of this preparedness is needed but, if so, we’ll go to work.
    C.L. Overman
    3516 Bluff Point Drive

    David Couch

    Resources I have:

    • 4×4 Pick-up
    • Chain saw
    • Portable Propane Generator

    I’m hoping for a winch for Christmas 😀

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