Neighborhood Cleanup Day 2019 a Success!!

Greeting Volunteers,

I wanted to give you an update on what was accomplished yesterday during Neighborhood Cleanup Day.  We had 48 volunteers do 65 hours of service, collect 25 bags of trash, clean 5 miles of roads and 4 acres of parkland.  And we pulled weeds, raked leaves, collected walnuts, treated soil and spread 20 bales of pine straw.  What an amazing neighborhood we have!!!

I’m turning in a report tomorrow to Keep Knoxville Beautiful, who loaned us the equipment and trash bags, and one thing they have asked is what weird stuff did we find along the sides of roads or parks when picking up trash.  Please post here what you found.

Thank you from all our neighbors for your hard work.

The LHHA Beautification Committee

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  1. Mark Hill

    Gosh. I’m disappointed. We found nothing weird. Airline liquor bottles, cans, cups, chewing tobacco containers (empty, darn it). I hope someone has something more exciting to share!

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