Many of you were present at the recent Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Association meeting.  You were able to hear Carol Evans, Director of Legacy Parks, speak about their efforts to purchase land on Maloney Road and acquire an easement across Vulcan Materials property to connect the greenway from South Knoxville to I.C. King Park and later onward to the Smokies.  This proposed greenway is one more part of the Urban Wilderness (1,000 acres of greenspace) which connects Ijams Park to various Civil War sites, quarries and other greenways in South Knoxville.  Here is a link to a little more information about how this Knoxville Urban Wilderness is viewed.  The Knoxville Urban Wilderness was listed as the #1 recreational area by USA today in our area – topping even the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  WOW!!

Let’s get behind Legacy Parks and help get the property needed to make the connection.  It will be a huge benefit to our neighborhood and our community.  You can do this by making donations to Legacy Parks (designated to “Fund the Gap” project) or even sharing your thoughts about now important this is to people you know in decision making positions at Vulcan Materials.

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