The Beautification Committee would like to begin a “Spring Tradition of Appreciation” to the entire Lakemoor Hills Community for all the efforts made by everyone to enhance the natural beauty of our surroundings.

The park-like setting with majestic trees, flowering shrubs and flowers, native plants, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, turtles, long shaded drives, open sunny spots, lake and river, green lawns, walking trail, lakeside park and common gardens makes Lakemoor Hills a most desirable place to live. To give appreciation to specific areas of natural beauty, 3 residences are being highlighted:

Marcia Finfer at 3416 Timberlake Drive

Fred & Fran Thomforde at 3616 Circle Lake Drive

Bob & Jacqueline Christie at 2400 Trillium Lane

Each spring, three residences will be highlighted. Since this will become a yearly tradition, everyone will have an opportunity to be “especially appreciated.” A small flag of appreciation will be placed in the front yard to identify these residences.

Many thanks to EVERYONE for making this such a special and beautiful place, “this quiet side of the river.”

Happy Spring to All!

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