Water Treatment in Lakemoor Hills


Hello friends & neighbors,
Lori & I are considering water softeners and/or water descaling systems for our home. We cloth diaper our 4 month old and have been having a heck of a time with mineral build-up.

I’ve done some research on amazon.com but thought I’d send out an inquiry to the good people of LMH to see what your experience has been with water treatment and if you can recommend any particulr systems and/or provide any further information regarding water quality, pH, and hardness info.

Thanks in advance!
David Couch of 3525 Bluff Point Drive.

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  1. David Wiles

    Hi David. Are you on well or city water? When we lived in sevierville, we had a well with a lot of sediment. We had a new well drilled and had much better water but it was in limestone so we had a water softener from Culligan put in. The only maintenance was adding salt about once a month. If you are on city water, you should be able to get KUB to check it. Culligan will check it as well and recommend the appropriate conditioner.

    David Wiles

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