From the Beautification Committee

There is a flurry of activity all over the neighborhood enjoying the fun and beauty of preparing for the Christmas season!

First some BIG THANK YOUS to various volunteers:

Volunteering to keep our doggies and walkers happy this year by replacing the baggies in our community parks on a regular basis is:

Ken Rymer: Walking Trail at Lake Hills Presbyterian Church. Clay Aalders: Maloney Road Park. David and Kristin Bianconi: Circle Lake Park and Bruce Klassen: Bluff Point Boulevard.

John Witherspoon is keeping the trash out of the triangle during the month of December.

Now to our fun Christmas season activities:

Thank you to Randy Kerns and Cyndi Klassen for hanging the beautiful red Christmas bows at all street signs and thank you Ann Graf, Judy Klassen and Kathy Proctor for making them!

As all of you know, a panel of judges will be selecting three homes that are particularly outstanding and joyful. The judges will be roaming the streets in the evening sometime between today and Thursday. In addition to this activity, Jim DeRopp, a resident on Maloney Road dead-end, gave a Joyful Christmas Street  Challenge to John Haynes, a resident on Circle Lake Lane. This will be a spirited and fun contest for the most joyfully decorated street! Thanks to all those who are participating. The judges will make their decision by Friday. A Congratulations post for the winning Christmas street Challenge will be placed on the website on Friday and three signs will be placed in front of each chosen residence over the weekend. I hope everyone will drive through our beautiful neighborhood appreciating the lights, wreaths, mailbox decorations, candles, Christmas trees and marvel at the creativity all around us. It is a terrific neighborhood filled to the brim with wonderful people and natural beauty. We are fortunate to live in such a location!

This is a great time to meet a neighbor, share some cider and be happy!

Thanks to Everyone!

Sharon W. Gerkin, Chair of Beautification Committee


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