Beautiful Lakemoor glasses for sale

Unique stemless wine glasses used for Sip & Snoop are for sale on a first come basis.  Also perfect for bourbon, scotch or Yoo Hoo. They are only $35.00 a dozen or $5.00 each if you want fewer than twelve. 100% of the money will go to beautify Alcoa Highway, so you’re helping the community, showing you’re pride in Lakemoor, and getting great glasses to boot.

Checks to Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Assn.  • 4000 Maloney Road  • Orders or question call Mary • 579-5617 •

Thanks for all your support!


Sip and Snoop

thank you so much for all the work and excitement you put into this event.  It really was fabulous.   To Mary, Bill and Laura and Cindy.   Jackson and whoever else helped cook the delicious food.

to all who opened their beautiful homes…to the registrars, the deck hands, the greeters, and the neighbors who participated


Geri and Charlie

Passports are ready for Sip & Snoop this Sunday… drivers beware

If you bought tickets… Your passport will be issued at the church between 1:30 and 2:00 on Sunday, Oct. 7.  If you were not able to purchase tickets please be aware that a 100 of your “snoopie” neighbors will be walking and driving on our roads between 2:00 and 5:00 so please be extra careful driving.

Monies will go to make Alcoa Highway beautiful when the road is finished about a year from now. All neighbors will benefit, even if you’re not snooping today.  Please support and thank our generous sponsors: Ashe’s Wine & Spirits, Bacon & Company, the Tomato Head, and Volunteer Landing.

It is going to be a great day…pray for clear skies!


Below are your questions and the answers from the engineer on the project. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Keisha Gregory, TDOT,


  1. When are the bridges and access roads are projected to be completed?
  • The 3 bridges are all on different time frames and it is unclear on the exact dates they will be completed/open to traffic.  I can tell you that the bridge at Maloney road will be the first one completed, and is projected to be open to the public sometime around early spring at the latest, weather permitting.  The bridge at Montlake will be the next one completed, followed by the bridge at Mount Vernon.
  1. Will development will be encouraged on the larger parcels of land around the intersections?
  • Anything within state right of way will not have any type of development going on.  There is a large portion of land acquired by the contractor on Montlake that is near the roundabout intersection, but the state does not know the intentions of the contractor for this parcel after construction is completed.
  1. What progress is being made on the greenways?
  • The greenway will be one of the last things completed/open on the project.  The grade work for the greenway has been completed in some sections along its route, but a majority of the alignment for the greenway depends on other activities to be completed before it can be installed.  To explain the greenway at retaining wall at Woodson.  The greenway will not be hanging off of the wall, but will rather be on the roadway side of the wall.  There will be a concrete barrier wall constructed between the greenway and Alcoa highway for safety of those using the greenway in this area.  For now,  the greenway will end just passed Woodson until the next project begins which will pick it back up and carry it to the current greenway that runs along Fort Loudon.
  1. Some explanation for the work at Ginn:
  • Both Ginn road West and East required grade work for their new alignments, which is now completed at this time.  As of right now,  East Ginn road is projected to be completed first and open to traffic within the next few months.  West Ginn road will then be completed once the East side is done.


Please note, that a vast majority of the work left to be completed on the North end of the project for the bridges, access roads, greenways, etc…   depend on the large retaining wall being constructed across from Mount Vernon.  Once you see this nearing completion, then you’ll see a lot of these things really coming together.


September 2018 CNQ029 update

“Name That Road” Winners

At the last LHHA meeting we posted all the suggestions that were received for names for the new service road(s) at Alcoa Hwy.  Attendees at the meeting voted on the suggestions and these were the top three winners –

  1. Lakemoor View
  2. Quiet Side Dr. or Ln.
  3. Lakeside Way

I have submitted these 3 names to the city for review. I think business owners along the roads will have their input and then it will be submitted to MPC for review and comment. I will inform you of any feedback that I receive.

Thanks for being part of the process!

Kathy Proctor, LHHA President

Gourmet Pecan Sale – LHHA Garden Club

Dear LHHA Members,

The LHHA Garden Club is running their annual Pecan Sale. Whether you say Pe Caan or Pe Can, it is time to order these mammoth whole new-crop Georgia Pecans.

The grove told us this will be a good crop year!!

Proceeds support the LHHA Garden Club and community projects.

Attached is the order flyer with details. Please share with your friends and family.

Thank You