Eagles Nesting in Lakemoor Hills?

FullSizeRenderHas anyone seen the eagles that have appeared along the bluff overlooking Sequoyah Hills Park?  We are trying to determine if they are nesting on our peninsula.  If anyone has spotted the bird (s) or their nest, please me know.  We need to document this to stop a potential manmade intrusion to the neighborhood.  Kathy Proctor  ksp53@me.com

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  1. Jean Lester

    We have had an eagle in the neighborhood for quite a few years. I don’t know about the nesting, but Kermit Duckett took a picture from his home on Timberlake. My husband saw one take a squirrel.

  2. Barbara Houchin

    Yes. I saw an eagle in March that was perched high in trees across Maloney from my house up toward Timberlake.

    I have a picture but am unable to copy it over here.

    • suzan bowman

      I was at the Cherokee Country Club eating lunch one day a couple of weeks
      ago. I saw an Bald Eagle flying around the bluff at the country club. It was about 20-30 feet from the windows in the dinning room. The staff said they had also seen it many times.
      Suzan Bowman

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