Security & Emergency Response Team

Chair: Mike Parker


The Security Committee is responsible for planning any project or ask which increases neighborhood security including surveillance cameras, Neighborhood Watch activities and security forums. According to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, we are now the lowest crime neighborhood in the county (as of September 2014).

Committee Members:
Clay Aalders
David Bianconi
Gordon Burghardt
Buz Copeland
Gator Garlin
David Gerkin
Brandon Hamilton
John Haynes
Paul Howard
Travis Jackson
Randy Kerns
Patrick Perry
Forrest Orr
CL Overman
Bob Proctor
Allen Vandergriff
Eric Zenah



Lake Hills has two security camera stations. The first is located at the foot of Montlake, near the exit to Alcoa Hwy.

It has two cameras,
–one to take a frontal picture of cars coming down Montlake
–the second to take photos of their license plate
–motion activated
–can store activity for close to a month, depending on activity.

We’ve had to maintain the cameras:
–to install equipment which allowed an easier download for the Sheriff and
–cutting shrubbery so that the view of the camera was not blocked

A second camera was installed at Ginn and Maloney in January 2014.

Our agreement with the Knox County Sheriff is that they will be the only ones to download any recordings for a reported crime.

Before doing a download, they will take into consideration:
–How serious the crime is
–How specific our neighbor victim can be about the time parameters of the incident (very important for most crimes)
–What description any of our neighbors can give about unusual sightings –things to look for near the scene of the crime

If you are the victim of a crime:
–Report it to our Sheriff’s Office immediately,
–If you think there may be something they could look for on the video, when reporting the crime, please let your investigating officer know that we have a neighborhood camera and give them a very specific time parameter within which to look.
–If you don’t feel that follow-up is being done properly, please call Capt. Robert Hubbs at 740-0558.  He said he would further facilitate the situation.

Of course, our Knox Sheriff’s Dispatch number is 215-2444 for immediate reporting.