Comcast Outage Issues and their lack of response

It appears there are ongoing Comcast outages on Timberlake and some surrounding areas.   Wendy Warren is working very hard to get Comcast to respond.  She would like to get a feel for how many houses are affected in an effort to resolve the problem.  If you are having an issue with Comcast service, please call them and open a ticket.  They will give you a ticket number to reference the report.  If you will, please e-mail her the ticket number and your address at  She has been working tirelessly to get Comcast to fix the problem however Comcast has refused to recognize that we have an outage and continues to blame customer equipment such as cables and modems to be the problem.


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  1. Wendy Warren

    A message to the Timberlake Community:

    Great news – It looks like Comcast has resolved the issue. I reached out to those of you who reported problems and it appears we have successfully reported and repaired an outage! Most of you reported that after service was restored, you had to acquire a new modem in order to resume service. Comcast has no explanation for the cause of the myriad of modem failures. If you haven’t already, call Comcast and tell them to look at the “history of outages” (apparently this is the key phrase) and request a credit for your billing cycle. If anyone still has a problem, let me know ASAP as we have the upper hand for the moment and can likely get fast results.

    The result of our efforts are that Comcast is recommending a system that allows customers to report outages. Currently, an outage report is dependent on the number of people who call and there is no way for a single customer to report an outage. Even with several of us calling, it just wasn’t enough. Here’s to the future!

  2. Andrea Wirth

    We have had the same issues and also had to buy a new modem. Comcast has been to our house at least 3 times in the last month. We had the same issues described by Ted this past Wednesday through Sunday. I will PM you the info we have. Thanks for dealing with Comcast!

  3. Ted Smith

    Sorry to say, we do not currently have an outstanding issue; but on Friday through Sunday, Comcast was up and down all day. I didn’t start tracking outages until Sunday; the following were some of those.
    Ongoing Outage Ref# SI024249564
    Ongoing Outage Ref# SI024255181
    Ongoing Outage Ref# SI024257095

    But all the outages had an effect on my Internet/Phone modem, and I had to go to Comcast to pick up a new modem yesterday.

    I appreciate your situation because I can never get Comcast to believe that there is a problem unless I get my neighbors to call as well.

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