Comcast Internet on Timberlake

I work from home and the Comcast Internet service is poor, affecting my productivity.  Comcast technicians indicate that the lines on Timberlake need to be replaced, but they seem unmotivated.  I was wondering if this is an issue for others, so that we may speak as a neighborhood with Comcast?  Just wanted some feedback.

Kathy Hyland, 3601 Timberlake Drive, Knoxville


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  1. Susan Key

    Kathy, The lines for cable most certainly need to be replaced. In fact, our line getting knocked down or getting water inside has been the problem every time I’ve had to have Comcast service out here. When you say poor service is affecting your productivity do you mean speed? You can check your speed at— which you probably already know. Speed has never been a problem for me— which is why I put up with Comcast at all. Of course I have to pay for the speed, but at least I have it with Comcast. Water in your line will definitely mess with your service— or a line being down.

    If the Comcast technicians you dealt with are saying your problem can only be fixed by replacing all the lines out here, then the whole service area should be charged less for limited or faulty service. I mean, there’s something really wrong with that explanation.

    I hate Comcast. I would have to pay a higher price for internet service alone if I didn’t also take basic cable TV. So I am forced to take basic cable TV (which I do not want and do not use). They call it “bundling”. They find new ways to rip off their customers every day. And it’s only going to get worse if Comcast and Time-Warner merge (what an understatement).

    I am sorry you are having problems that force you to deal with them. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with Comcast.

    Susan Key
    3605 Timberlake Drive

  2. David Couch

    Hi Kathy, I too work from home and have Comcast Business. I find it’s pretty reliable – especially compared to the residential line at Lori’s mothers out in Karns. Also the customer service has been excellent as a business customer. I really have had no issues.

    I use the site DSLReports (It’s not just for DSL) site to get a benchmark of service and reliability. I’ve found it to have some great tools to keep ISP’s accountable and have used it in 4 states for 5 ISP’s.

    I also run a Line Monitor so I have something to refer to when I call them out for outages – I’ve received up to 3 months of credit from Comcast (for Lori’s mother)

    Line monitor for the last year:

    Line Monitor for the last 10 Days:

    The outage, I believe was the trees that fell on the lines on Lakemoor Drive.

    Good Luck!
    David Couch
    3525 Bluff Point Drive

    • Mark Hill

      I work from home and use Comcast for everything, including voice (though I now use Ooma, which is much less expensive than actually having Comcast phone lines).

      We live on Montlake, and since our property once was accessed from Timberlake, we are members of the Timberlake Association. Our utilities come to us from Timberlake, and the Comcast service is just fine. Your poor internet service is not what we have experienced, though Comcast customer service has become as wretched as AT&T ever was, so I can well imagine how frustrating it is for you trying to get this problem addressed. Given our experience, I suggest that it may not be Comcast, but something between Comcast and your computer that is the problem. Have you tried upgrading to Comcast Business, which is what I have?

      Mark Hill

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