6 Replies to “Cell Tower Update”

  1. Laura Ward

    I, too, am willing to devote time and money to prevent this. I know there is a core group working on the issue, but this is an
    “ALL HANDS ON DECK” drill.

    I have created a facebook page for folks to read info on the dangers and problems of cell towers as well as discuss in a different forum. I will publish a link.

  2. Rem Edwards

    I am willing to take strong, decisive action to stop A Tupper Baker and Branch Communications, LLC from building this tower in our front yards. The reasons for opposing are obvious. I am ready to provide financial support for legal action but it will take financial sacrifice from all of us to stop this tyranny in our beautiful neighborhood. I can provide only a fraction of the funding for a good attorney. We should not wait for the MPC meeting to prepare our legal response. These people are ruthless and have deep pockets. Do not underestimate extremes they will take to achieve their goal. If the home owners association is considering legal action please count me in.

    Rem Edwards

  3. Laura Ward

    I saw the sign this morning as well and called the MPC. The request to delay was received on May 26th so the hearing WILL BE ON JULY 9th at 1:30 PM.

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