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Thought I would send out an email regarding how the Cell Tower arose and how our acceptance came about.

We got a letter that was sent to about 15 other residents regarding erecting a cell tower in this area. I spoke with the agent and after discussing with him I recommended my neighbors property. Not that I opposed, obviously I didn’t if I recommended them, but I believed they wanted it and I was happy if they had it.

After the company came and looked, measured, and accessed they picked our property. We didn’t realize this until unannounced a lease package showed up in our mail. At this time I reached out to the neighbor we felt was most affected to inform them of the decision at hand. They responded this was better than us selling the lot and a home built there. They had some ideas on aesthetics which we shared with the company and in which they agreed. ( whether true or not it got back to me that a particular and different neighbor which I’ve never spoken regarding this issue said I had been hard to deal with regarding this. The truth is I’ve only spoken to 2 neighbors and our dealings have been quite pleasant).

We were under the impression and I will be following up today with the company that a mono stealth pole that looks like a tree would be installed. It would be in the woods and will have natural growth covering all fencing as well as a privacy fence at the road.. Thus basically the only way to see the tower would be to look above the trees.
In truth we were not immediately sold on the idea but after speaking with 2 neighbors and giving it to the Lord in prayer we decided to do it.

We’ve made the decision and will honor our agreement with the company. We have always been people who enjoyed people. We want everyone to know we aren’t upset with anyone who is against this, its your right. At the same time we certainly had no intentions to upset anyone and frankly under the circumstances described above didn’t think it would cause such heartburn.

This certainly is not sent to start a discussion or for us to defend our decision but for people to at least get a feel for how this came about. We feel this is a great neighbor filled with wonderful people. Tupper Baker

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  1. Connie Holmes

    I was surprised and dissapointed that some one in our neighborhood would think that something as unsightly as a cell phone tower would not affect the 3 to 4 hundred families who live here. We have just added a glass room to our house that will have a view of the tower rather than the trees we are accustomed to seeing. I am a tree hugger and had a pole moved to keep KUB from damaging my Magnolia tree. If I thought I could stop this cell phone tower I would lay down in front of the bulldozer.
    I hope you know there are a lot of people who feel just as strongly as I do and I will certainly pray about my attitude. If defacing our beautiful penisula is you final decision then so be it.

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