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  1. Ed Jeffries

    We recently dropped our ATT service completely for the two landlines for which we were paying way too much. We purchased an Ooma unit at Best Buy which provides a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). We have kept our original land line primary number since it had been used since 1990. We got a new fax line number with Ooma which has gotten rid of all the spam faxes we were receiving. I believe the cost of the Ooma unit was ~$99 but am not sure. Ooma costs ~$10.00 per month and service has been excellent. Of course we have a high speed internet connection but had that anyway so no additional cost there.

  2. Kathy Proctor

    Sally we dropped our land line because of the poor reception and only use cells now. We switched to Verizon because we had less dead spots at our house with that company (the AT&T only worked at the window in the dining room). The security system can be G4 also with Verizon.

  3. Ginger Thomann

    We moved to the neighborhood a year and a half ago and realized we had no cell service through AT&T at our house. I bought the M Cell which is a booster signal from AT&T. The equipment was around $150.00. No yearly fee or bill. We have perfect reception at our house now, and you can add up to five phone numbers. So when we have guest visiting, we add them to the list so they too can have cell reception. Hope this helps!
    Ginger Thomann

  4. Paul Howard

    We dropped AT&T a few years back for those reasons. I think you’ll find similar issues with any carrier, but we’ve been overall happy with Verizon since we switched. I hope this helps you out.

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