A warning about an animal attack and a sighting

I had a call tonight from Julie Stelter who house sits for Mary and Ed Jeffries. On June 4th, she was walking her dog on a leash while the Jeffries dog was in the yard. She just left the house going down Woodmere when another animal (she thought a dog at the time) ran up and attacked her dog (a poodle) going for the head. She kicked the attacker with all her might. The animal turned on her growling. At that moment, the Jeffries’ dog came running over and the attacker left. Today, in the evening, she was walking across Blow Drive to the Childress’s house when she saw the same animal coming out of Shivers’ property. Today she thought it was not a dog but a coyote. The animal was gray, black and brown. Julie asked me to post this as a warning to people with small animals and children in the neighborhood.


LHHA Garden Club Caladiums are still available

LHHA Garden Club Caladiums are still available. Great addition to your planters, window boxes or gardens. These are first quality plants that prefer a little shade but will also grow in sun. These plants will provide beautiful color all summer long into the fall.

Buy some today! $5 each or 5 for $20.00

The money we raise goes toward the beautification projects by the garden club including the Legacy Park at Circle Lake and the roundabouts at Alcoa Highway. Call 579-9001 or contact a member of the Garden Club. Thank you.

Dog Pickup Bags updates

Dog Pickup Bags updates
The bag unit at Bluff Point has an active bird’s nest in it with eggs. The bags are hanging on the outside of the unit until the birds fledge.

Secondly, be careful when getting the dog pickup bags out of the bag units. There are wasp residing in a couple of them. We are spraying them so they should be eliminated this evening. But always tap the box before you grab in the summer.

A big thank you to Cindy Moore McLaughlin for risking life and limb against the wasp today refilling the bags. You are a hero!!!

Pop Corks to Pop Poppys

Imagine tens of thousands of wildflowers at the gateway to Knoxville and Lakemoor Hills. That’s part of the goal and Sip & Snoop is a step in that direction. All profits go to beautify Alcoa entrances after construction.  Over half of the tickets are already sold, so reserve yours today.

Caladiums for Beautiful Gardens

The Lakemoor Hills Garden Club is selling beautiful Caladiums.  We planted over 700 bulbs several months ago and they are now ready to sell.  The money raised goes to garden club projects at the Legacy Park and the new roundabouts at Alcoa Highway.

Caladiums are easy to grow in landscape beds and containers.  They like a little shade, but will grow in sun.   Shop early for best selection.  We have several varieties: Red Fancy Leaf, White Fancy Leaf and Pink Fancy Leaf.

5 plants for $20.00…..or $5.00 each.  Call 579-9001 and leave your order.  We will be selling them in the neighborhood, and let your friends outside of Lakemoor Hills know as well.  These are quality plants and much better than what you find at the big box stores.

Thank you!

caladium photo

The Opioid Crisis with Dr. Glen Farr

Dr. Glen Farr will be speaking Sunday, May 20, 2018,  at 2:00 pm at Lake Hills Presbyterian Church on “The Opioid Crisis.”  The church and community are invited.


University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy

Associate Dean, Continuing Education
Glen E. Farr, PharmD
Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science

Lakemoor Hills Homeowners Meeting – Tues, May 15, 7 PM

We will hold our last homeowners meeting at Lake Hills Church on Tuesday, May 15 at 7 PM.  At this meeting we will hold elections for new officers for 2018-2019.  We will also take a little time to address upcoming issues and get your input on what programs you would like to hear when we return in the fall.  Please join us for our last get together before the summer break.

Circle Lake Park…WOW

The walking trail is in and beautiful. Go take a stroll, dig deep and make a donation so the project can be completed.  If your home is walking distance from the park your home’s value is going up a minimum of  $24,000. Average is 8% to 20%. We only need a handful of people to donate $5,000 or more. Or we need a bucket full to donate $1,000. Or a tote sack full to donate $500.  You get the idea! With a 24,000 windfall you should go large. Send your generous donation to Lakemoor Hills Resource Council. PO Box 10435, Knoxville  37939.