Drive, Walk, Run, Write a Check

You have two great opportunities to beautify your neighborhood.
FIRST:  Circle Lake is getting its stones this week.  Go by your new park, then write a check to Lakemoor Hills Resource Council and mail it to Lakemoor Hills Resource Council • PO BOX 10435 • Knoxville 37939.
SECOND: Buy those Sip and Snoop tickets.  On October 7, you’ll enjoy mingling with your neighbors while touring five extraordinary homes.  Only 30 tickets remain.  Contact
BUY TWO BEAUTIES WITH ONE STOP:  You can make a donation for our park and make sip and snoop donations at 4000 Maloney.  Call 579-5617.

Thank you Stewart Asbury!

Today Mr. Asbury made a huge contribution to the Lakemoor Legacy Park and Garden when he dug out the three large areas where stone seat walls will be built. Stewart’s donation of equipment, time and expertise makes the dollars you contribute do even more. Help today by sending your check to Lakemoor Hills Resource Council. PO Box 10435 Knoxville 37939.

Circle Lake Park…can you dig it? Backhoe help?

This could be you!

We’re ready to begin the next phase of construction by building three stone walls as seating/resting spots and add character to the park. To begin construction we need to excavate/level the three areas where the walls will be built. Perhaps there is a neighbor with access to a small backhoe or excavator who would volunteer their equipment and a couple hours to help the project along. A donation of excavation would be a big help to the project.  If you could help… call Fran 621-2418 or Bill 579-5617.



Naming of New Roads at Aloca Hwy

I have previously mentioned to many of you that we have an opportunity to be involved in the naming of the new southbound exit road/ access road that is currently under construction to the west of Alcoa Hwy.  There is also a road to the east of Alcoa.  There are a few parameters [ we cannot use a name that is used elsewhere in Knox County & the name must meet MPC guidelines].  I had submitted to them Lake Hills Blvd. but that name is in use elsewhere.  I have received a few recommendations, but I would like to hear from as many of you as possible.  Here are a few to get your brains thinking creatively.  Please email me or post some ideas here or on our facebook page.  If they allow us enough time to discuss, this will be a topic at our next LHHA meeting in Sept.  If we have to respond earlier, I’ll let you know.

thanks, Kathy Proctor

South River Road

Quiet Side Way

Left Bank Lane

Tennis league is looking for players

Are you a “closet” tennis player who would like to get out on the court with a really fun group?!  We have a tennis league that plays doubles on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 at Lake Hills Presbyterian Church and we need a few more players for our fall session that begins on August 14.  We welcome anyone, male or female, to join us regardless of skill level!  Please contact Diane de Ropp at 573-1507 or if you’re interested in having a good time while getting some exercise!  Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

2018’s Fab Five

All five of our custom-built 2018 Sip and Snoop homes share investments made out of their owners’ love for Lakemoor Hills. Their common roots are not evident in their varied styles and interpretations. But five stories will become one on October 7 between 2:00 and 5:00, when you enjoy a Sunday afternoon mixing, mingling, eating, and sipping wine with your neighbors. And your cost of admission goes toward beautifying our neighborhood’s new Alcoa Highway entrances.


Stuart’s first Lakemoor Hills’ house was a small log cabin on Maloney Road. He and Betsy grew a family and built their enchanting log house on Buckboard. His compound of log structures is best viewed from the water and you will do just that as you arrive via water taxi thanks to our neighbor, Volunteer Landing. The main house appears to be floating above the river.   The Worden home is also being featured at an already sold-out Knox Heritage Summer Supper. So make your S&S reservation now.


Tim moved to a tiny concrete house on Maloney Road in the 90s and stayed to build his dream home and his family. Today’s home makes the best use of its river views while providing a livable sanctuary for the family and their four-legged friends. Tim and Kathleen share not just their home, but also an enviable launch point for our water taxi.


You’ve admired their perfect yard and now’s your chance to look inside. Fran and Fred began their Lakemoør life on Timberlake. They left that house but not their beloved neighborhood when they built this home at the corner of Maloney and Circle Lake. Today their love-of-Lakemoor is not only evident in the exquisite detail of their home but also in their work to establish the Lakemoor Legacy Garden at the other end of Circle Lake.


First came a Cape Cod complete with a horse in 2003. Then came building their forever home next door where they moved in 2012. Skip and Kim enjoy the sunrise and sunset views from their current home on Maloney. From the street you can’t see their expansive backyard complete with a pool. Come and enjoy their attention to detail while wishing you could stay.

The Scott’s secluded gem has its own eight-acre park-like setting on Trillium. Lakemoor Hills drew them from their Woodson Drive home when Bill Shell (S&S 2017) offered them a chance to purchase the land in 2013. Shay and Shanle took a blank sheet of paper and designed this house capturing the idyllic setting and their lifestyle. They moved in and welcomed their son in 2016, assuring a house full of love, noise, and works in process.

Two small Italian greyhounds to good home

David and I have a friend who has a close friend that is moving to Florida. She has two small Italian greyhounds that she wants to relocate to a good home as she cannot take them with her. They are 2-3 years old, shy and she wants them to stay together. One is black and called CharBaby; the other one is light gray and white and called Lurlene. Their owner is Sherry Phillips. Contact number: 865-382-5950. I will post their photos on the HOA Facebook page.

Roaming dog

Our German shepherd mix Rascal got loose, but he’s home now. Thanks to everybody who called to report yet another dog on the loose, at Maloney and Montlake. Anybody know where a large, hairy, black and white and tan dog might have come from? Sally Boyington