Blalock Petitioning City to Annex Lynbrulee Property

FOR YOUR INFORMATION – Request to the city to annex property on Lynbrulee in Lakemoor Hills. B S & J Enterprises is affiliated with Blalock Construction.
The owners of the three properties to be annexed requested to be inside the city, and all three have adjacent properties already inside the city limits.
In South Knox County, B S & J Enterprises is seeking annexation for property at the corner of Montlake Drive and Lynbrulee Lane. The company owns adjacent property that fronts Alcoa Highway.
In West Knox County between Rocky Hill and Lakeshore Park, the Sisters of Mercy have asked that their convent be annexed. A portion of the property fronting Northshore Drive is in the city, but the bulk of the land is outside. Sister Anna Marie McGuan wrote to the city that the sisters are concerned about fire and police protection, as well as building permits and other bureaucratic matters. (As a tax-exempt religious institution, the convent doesn’t have to worry about paying city property taxes.)
Farther west on Cogdill Drive, the Epperly Family Partnership is requesting annexation for a commercial parcel near Interstate 40. Like the other annexation applicants, the partnership owns an adjacent parcel that is already inside the city limits.
A public hearing to discuss the plans of service and the annexations will occur at 11:30 a.m. on June 12 in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building. If approved, the annexation resolution will be heard at City Council on June 18 and July 2.

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  1. Gene Burr

    After several efforts to make contact with the person in City government who administers the petitioning process for City annexation, which is apparently within the City’s office of redevelopment (according to the website), I got a call this afternoon referring me to Rick Emmett (215-3837), who will be back in the office on Tuesday – due to Memorial Day holiday. I will request a copy of the petition submitted for annexation, which I intend to share with a representative group of LHHA residents at a gathering to be promptly organized.

  2. Mark Hill

    Our concern should be with what Blalock is planning to do with that property. Could be good, or maybe not. Wonder if there is a way to find out their intentions prior to the June meeting?

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