8 Replies to “Badly Injured Black/White Cat on Ferry and Manor”

  1. Marianne Oliveira

    Perhaps some kind heart compassionate person who lives near where it is injured and who knows exactly where it is can give it some food and water and call animal control for a rescue if there is no one wiling or able to take it to the vet.

    • Susannah

      Sadly, I think that the cat was beyond help by food or water. I think that Jessica was just trying to find the owner so that they wouldn’t wonder what had happened and this was the best outlet for finding them.

    • Jessica Barousse Post author

      Me too. That’s why I sent the message out. I had my 2 year old with me and I don’t have a car during the day. Otherwise, I might have been able to do more than just post to the forum. I hope the cat’s family sees this message.

  2. Susannah

    Did it have long hair or short? More black or white? There is a mostly black cat with some white markings that lives with the Shivers on Manor Rd and i know it is an outside cat. We also have a black and white cat but she never goes outside and was in the house when I left this morning. (We also live on Manor Rd.)

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