Blalock Petitioning City to Annex Lynbrulee Property

FOR YOUR INFORMATION – Request to the city to annex property on Lynbrulee in Lakemoor Hills. B S & J Enterprises is affiliated with Blalock Construction.
The owners of the three properties to be annexed requested to be inside the city, and all three have adjacent properties already inside the city limits.
In South Knox County, B S & J Enterprises is seeking annexation for property at the corner of Montlake Drive and Lynbrulee Lane. The company owns adjacent property that fronts Alcoa Highway.
In West Knox County between Rocky Hill and Lakeshore Park, the Sisters of Mercy have asked that their convent be annexed. A portion of the property fronting Northshore Drive is in the city, but the bulk of the land is outside. Sister Anna Marie McGuan wrote to the city that the sisters are concerned about fire and police protection, as well as building permits and other bureaucratic matters. (As a tax-exempt religious institution, the convent doesn’t have to worry about paying city property taxes.)
Farther west on Cogdill Drive, the Epperly Family Partnership is requesting annexation for a commercial parcel near Interstate 40. Like the other annexation applicants, the partnership owns an adjacent parcel that is already inside the city limits.
A public hearing to discuss the plans of service and the annexations will occur at 11:30 a.m. on June 12 in the Small Assembly Room of the City County Building. If approved, the annexation resolution will be heard at City Council on June 18 and July 2.

LHHA Meeting starts with a reception at 6:45 on Tuesday, April 16

REMINDER! Tuesday, April 16 at 6:45 PM we will start our LHHA Membership meeting with a reception honoring Charlie Mulligan at Lake Hills Church.

Charlie was instrumental in restarting our homeowners association, setting up the Resource Council , the 501(c)3, and working with TDOT to ensure that our neighbors would have access to BOTH sides of Alcoa Hwy, whether in auto, on foot or on bicycle.

Come join us for a reception with exceptional tasty treats from a special caterer – David Ferguson – and stay to hear the latest that is happening on the Quiet Side of the River.  Councilman Carson Dailey will be in attendance and we will hold our annual elections.

Do Not Respond to GoFundMe Scam

Some of you may have received an email that appeared to come through our Lakemoor Hills list serve with the plea asking you to provide money to a child that needs help through a Go Fund Me fund. This is the second time that that particular scam has hit our website and was distributed. Do not respond to the fund request that says Ronnie Recovery Fund.

We are working to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


Kathy Proctor

The LAST Lloyd Branson Print available

We thought they were all taken, but found one more!

Thanks to the generosity of LHHA member Sally Branson, we were blessed with over 20 prints of the beautiful painting by Lloyd Branson of Blow’s Ferry.  If you would like to have this print, please contact Tim McLaughlin . The high quality print  is 24″ x 10″.   The price is $50 and payable to LHHA.   All proceeds go to fund the Alcoa Hwy beautification project.

LHHA Membership Meeting April 16 – 6:45 PM

It is time for our Spring LHHA meeting on Tuesday, April 16 at 6:45 PM.  We are doing something a little different this month starting with a reception to honor one of our residents that has made a huge impact on our neighborhood – Charlie Mulligan.  Please come and join us with delicious appetizers, fellowship and friends.

We will start the LHHA meeting at 7:15.  This month we have news on the upcoming neighborhood picnic in May, the election of new officers and board members, a word from our county commissioner – Carson Dailey – , updates on our neighborhood projects (dogwood trail, security cameras, Alcoa Hwy construction, Legacy Park) and much more.

Here are the members that have been nominated to fill 2019-2021 positions:

  • Mike Parker, President
  • Suzan Bowman, Secretary
  • Dawn Thomas, Board Member (2nd term)
  • Wendy Warren, Board Member (1st term)

We still have an open position for President-elect.  We are happy to take nominations from the floor also.

I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday evening.

Kathy Proctor, President

Neighborhood Cleanup Day 2019 a Success!!

Greeting Volunteers,

I wanted to give you an update on what was accomplished yesterday during Neighborhood Cleanup Day.  We had 48 volunteers do 65 hours of service, collect 25 bags of trash, clean 5 miles of roads and 4 acres of parkland.  And we pulled weeds, raked leaves, collected walnuts, treated soil and spread 20 bales of pine straw.  What an amazing neighborhood we have!!!

I’m turning in a report tomorrow to Keep Knoxville Beautiful, who loaned us the equipment and trash bags, and one thing they have asked is what weird stuff did we find along the sides of roads or parks when picking up trash.  Please post here what you found.

Thank you from all our neighbors for your hard work.

The LHHA Beautification Committee

LHHA Security Camera Upgrade


We are testing a new enhanced camera system at the Alcoa Hwy and Montlake location.

If you have an event that requires the Sheriff’s Department:

  1. please call law enforcement directly with the details (911)
  2. email Lakemoor Hills Emergency Response Team at lakemoor.hills.ert@gmail.comwith the information.

When discussing information with the Sheriff, be sure to tell them that Lakemoor Hills has the Vigilant camera system that is directly connected to their main system so data is immediately available.

Helpful information for the Sheriff includes:

  • Event description
  • Time and Date of the Event
  • Vehicle description
  • Partial or full license tag number


Request for Action to Support BMX Track in South Knoxville

Hi, my name is Wendy Edwards and I represent the group Knoxville BMX. My husband, John Edwards, is the president of Knoxville BMX. We both grew up in South Knoxville and graduated from South- Doyle. This community is dear to our hearts. As you may have heard in the news this week, the county mayor has stopped the BMX project at South-Doyle Middle School. Knoxville BMX is deeply upset at this outcome due to not only the nearly half a million dollars that will be wasted, but also the huge economic loss this will mean for South Knoxville. The BMX track was already invited to host national events through USABMX, which would generate 1.5 – 2 million dollars for the local economy for each single event. Knoxville BMX had plans for programs to reach underprivileged children, go into the local schools with STEM programs, Ride to Read programs, and bring Olympic athletes on Knox County schools campuses. Our mission is to get kids on bikes and bring families together through the sport of BMX. The benefits of this project were far reaching for children, families, residents, and small business owners in South Knoxville and Knox County as a whole. Unfortunately, the mayor shut down our project prematurely based on a bid from a General Contractor with no BMX experience. The bid was at least a million dollars to high and we attempted to have the project rebid with a contractor that had experience in BMX tracks and could do it within the designated budget. The mayor wouldn’t listen to our suggestions, but we think that he will listen to the people of the Sourh Knox community if we make our voices heard. Knoxville BMX will be speaking this Monday March 18th at the Knox County Commission Meeting at 5. Commissioner Carson Daily has encouraged all residents in South Knoxvillle and the city of Knoxville who want this project to move forward to come speak at the meeting. Citizens can call 215-2524 and request time to speak at the meeting. If you don’t want to speak, we still encourage people to show up in support of this project. South Knoxville shouldn’t get pushed to the side, for money to be spent elsewhere in the City. We invite you to share this with your neighbors and would love to have all the neighborhood association presidents or board members speak too. We want anyone who wants their voice to be heard on this matter to speak. Officials need to be held accountable for how our taxpayer dollars are spent. We appreciate any support!

Wendy Edwards

Dogwood Updates

The Dogwood Trails will be opening in just a couple of weeks, so we have some work to do.  Ann Graf and Kim McCoy Hill are our representatives on the Dogwood Trails Committee.  They were informed by Public Works that the completion of the debris pickup along the trails is March 23.  You need to get those limbs to the curb immediately!

Neighborhood Cleanup Day is also March 23.  We will meet at the church parking lot at 9 AM to pick up our tools and get our assignments.  Keep Knoxville Beautiful is supplying gloves, garbage bags, pickers and safety vests.

This year we have 6 open gardens that are featured in the Dogwood Arts Trails and Gardens Guide.  Our new Legacy Park and Gardens at the east end of Circle Lake is one of these gardens.  As it spent a bit of time underwater during our recent rains, we could really use your help to spruce us this location.

We will post any updates on this preparation as we get closer to the dates.


Lakemoor Hills Lending Libraries – Visit one!

What to do on a dreary, rainy day?  Perfect day for a good book!

Did you know that we are blessed with 2 Neighborhood Libraries in Lakemoor Hills?  One is located in the median on Bluff Point Drive and the other in Lakemoor Legacy Park and Gardens (which is located at the end of Circle Lake Lane).   

The library at Lakemoor Legacy Park and Gardens is in need of children’s books!  We love it when children and their parents come to visit this library but the supply of children’s books has dropped in the past few months.  Please bring your gently read children’s books and place them in the library for others to read.  And, while you are there – take a book or two home for your family’s reading pleasure!  Thank you for your help and donations to our community library!

Legacy Park Lending Library

Bluff Point Lending Library