A warning about an animal attack and a sighting

I had a call tonight from Julie Stelter who house sits for Mary and Ed Jeffries. On June 4th, she was walking her dog on a leash while the Jeffries dog was in the yard. She just left the house going down Woodmere when another animal (she thought a dog at the time) ran up and attacked her dog (a poodle) going for the head. She kicked the attacker with all her might. The animal turned on her growling. At that moment, the Jeffries’ dog came running over and the attacker left. Today, in the evening, she was walking across Blow Drive to the Childress’s house when she saw the same animal coming out of Shivers’ property. Today she thought it was not a dog but a coyote. The animal was gray, black and brown. Julie asked me to post this as a warning to people with small animals and children in the neighborhood.


LHHA meeting, Tuesday, July 28 is cancelled!

All residents of Lakemoor Hills,

The meeting that had been scheduled at the church at 7 PM on Tuesday, July 28 is cancelled. Since the projected cell tower in our neighborhood has been cancelled, we decided to cancel the meeting. We are so grateful for the efforts made by so many to reject this planned cell tower. Thank you! No meeting Tuesday night!

Charlie Mulligan on behalf of Dick Graf

The cell tower application for Lakemoor Hills – WITHDRAWN!

Dick Graf, who is returning home from South Carolina has been on the phone with Mary Miller, the attorney representing Branch Towers, LLC. They sent a letter to the MPC (and Dick called to confirm they have received it) saying that they are withdrawing the application “because they can’t meet the grading requirements.”

LHHA and its cell tower committee, the 7 neighbors who brought the lawsuit, Forrest Orr and his team of activists who produced the signs and got the letter mailed to all residents of the peninsula, Pat and Alex Shivers, John King – all of us can relax and smile.

Please take down the signs but save them as Branch is looking for another site. That could be a long process and Mary Miller remarked that hopefully it won’t be in Lakemoor Hills.

We all believe this is a significant victory for our neighborhood and demonstrates what informed neighbors can do to preserve the beauty of the “Quiet side of the River.”

Thank you!


Charlie Mulligan on behalf of the travelling Dick Graf.