Latest Meeting Minutes on Website

Dear Neighbors,

The minutes from our last homeowner’s meeting are now available here:

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Ashley Maynor

Communications Chair


New Membership Lists Up & Welcome

Dear neighbors,

I have just added updated memberships lists to the website under the Resources tab. You must be logged in to access these lists.

If you are new to Lakemoor Hills HOA and our website, welcome! Two helpful tips: First, when you log in to our website for the first time, please change the password to one you can remember more easily.

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Happy posting!

Ashley Maynor, Communications Committee Chair

How To Send Messages to LHHOA Members

Dear neighbors,

I’ve created a short instructional video to help those of you new to our website to post messages to the forum and email listserv. When you follow these instructions, your message will post to the website and also be sent via email to everyone on our listserv.

Visit the link below to watch:

Happy posting!

Ashley Maynor, Communications Committee Chair

Invite to Classic Car Show at HOA Picnic (from Bruce Klassen)

Antique / Classic Car Show

Show Us Your Ride

Along with all the fun activities taking place at this years Lakemoor Hills HOA picnic on May 17th, we would also like to have a Car Show. Anything 20 years or older OR unique can participate.

Rumor has it that there are a number of antique, classic, sports, muscle, or otherwise unusual vehicles in our neighborhood. I am sure that a number of us are “into” cars whatever their vintage, and that it would be really fun to see them and learn about their history and why their owner has kept them after so many years.

We will be able to park on the East lawn of the Lake Hills Presbyterian Church, in front of the tennis courts, (if it stays dry) and have space to view them all “up close”.

We won’t be judging, so you won’t have to have it in concours condition (unless you keep it that way anyway). If you have printed details of your “baby”, it could be put in the windshield for all to review.

If you or a friend who has such a vehicle is interested, please call me, Bruce Klassen, at 240-3317 or email me at

More details to follow on the Picnic and activities in early May.

Thanks in advance for your interest.