Montlake/Alcoa Hwy Triangle

I’ve noticed lately a possible water leak form the irrigation system in the “Triangle”. There’s a constant wet area where you transition from the South bound Alcoa Hwy to Montlake. I stays wet long after the sprinklers have turned off. Just thought I’d pass on my observation so someone could take action.

It’s Up

If you haven’t noticed the No U-Turn sign has been installed at the Alcoa Hwy/Montlake entrance, I noticed it last Friday. Big thanks to everyone that helped make it happen.

Dangerous Drivers

On Sunday, 02/09/14, while heading out of the neiborhood I was passed by a car on Montlake where there are clearly double yellow lines. I noticed the car coming up behind me as I turned from Maloney to Montlake, as I got to area near Jones Rd., just past the church, the car made its move to pass me. Since I was going the posted 30mph speed limit, I was surprised that I was being passed. I was able to get the first three letters/numbers on their tag before they got out of sight, they were F94. The car was a white 4 door Toyota, possibly a Prius. The time was between 0935-0938. As I came down the hill to approach the intersection at Alcoa Hwy I saw the car as it turned left and proceeded north on Alcoa Hwy. That was the last I saw of this car. I understand some folks aren’t always residents here and could be guests. If you happen to know who this may have been, please ask them to respect the posted speeds and no passing in the area. There will come a point when word of mouth requests will not take care of the problem and we may have to ask for assistance from KCSO.

Site Info

It was mentioned at last nights HOA meeting that the new Alcoa Hwy info had been added, I have been unable to find that info yet. If you look under all of the headings and subjects there isn’t much info to find. What exactly did we paid for when the new website was built? There isn’t much for us or people that might be wanting to learn about our neighborhood.