Power Outage


Here’s some news from C.L. Overman regarding the power outage that began around 6pm:


Just traded emails and he is trying to find out the severity of the damage from the downed tree at Tall Pine/Montlake. Will advise.


Not good news from a KUB rep. The tree broke a cross arm so they are having to pull new primary and neutral. Making an estimate of time is just a guess. Could be a while.


A call for camp counselors, and lifeguards

Hello neighbors,

Our son’s school is looking for summer staff please forward this to anyone you know might be interested.
Tell ’em David Couch sent you 😀



Dear Tate’s School Families and Alumni,
We are down to the final stages of assembling one of the most dynamic camp teams of the century, and we need your help to get the word out about a few remaining positions.
We contacted camp families two weeks ago (and some of you may have gotten that email), and now we are reaching out to our school families.
Please forward this email to any friends or contacts that you think might be interested or who can post these job openings.
  • Announce these positions to the college class at your church.
  • Consider putting a message on your Facebook or sending a tweet.
  • Share the info with any clubs or groups to which you belong.
For our final positions, applicants must be at least 18 or older.  Many out of town college students are returning to Knoxville soon.  If you know of any seeking the best summer job in town, please send them our way.
Remaining Positions Include:
  • 2 Lifeguards (must have certification by May 29 and we’ll help pay for the certification)
  • 4 Challenge Course (Tower/Zipline) and Target Sport Instructors (we provide the specialized training for this position).
  • Several full-time camp counselors (30-40 hrs. per week) and part-time counselors to work from 2:30-6:00 PM.
Online applications are available HERE.
Thank you you in advance for our help!
Until the fun begins,
Chris Strevel
Camp Director
(865) 690-9208

Sorry if I Alarmed you… again.


In making updates to our site – once again I created pages in an effort to improve your experience with it. And the site then sent out emails to tell all of you great people what I’ve been up to.

It was supposed to be a surprise.

I’ll share a bit more about this at the next HOA meeting – see you there!

First Snow 2017 – Woohoo!

Taco Verde loves snow!

Good morning neighbors, I took a spin in Taco Verde this morning. It was peaceful.  I drove Bluff Point, Lakemoor, Montlake and Timberlake Drives as well as well as Maloney, Ferry, Velmetta, and Blow. I saw no signs of downed trees. I was able to navigate most my tour in 2WD though I opted for 4WD for Lakemoor and Timberlake Drives.

I did see that more than a few neighbors had staged their vehicles at the tops or bottoms of driveways. Emergency response team leaders and support are on the alert and at the ready.  The Christmas lights still up and glowing in the snow were nice too!

Have a happy, warm and safe snow day!

~David Couch
3525 Bluff Point Drive


Standby Generators

Hi neighbors! I’m sure you recall, last winter on our peninsula was a challenging one – we didn’t find it so bad until we were without power for 3 days. Once we ran out of firewood, our house got down to 45 degrees. With 2 little one’s we are simply not willing to endure that again.

We have just had two consultations done for a Generac 22kw standby Generator. One was provided by Lloyd’s Electric Service, and the other by Pioneer Heating and Air Conditioning.

  • Has anyone had similar or the same work done?
  • From either of these two authorized Generac installers?
3525 Bluff Point Drive

We loved the snow on the trees – until the power went out. For 3 days!


Water Treatment in Lakemoor Hills


Hello friends & neighbors,
Lori & I are considering water softeners and/or water descaling systems for our home. We cloth diaper our 4 month old and have been having a heck of a time with mineral build-up.

I’ve done some research on amazon.com but thought I’d send out an inquiry to the good people of LMH to see what your experience has been with water treatment and if you can recommend any particulr systems and/or provide any further information regarding water quality, pH, and hardness info.

Thanks in advance!
David Couch of 3525 Bluff Point Drive.