An update from the Traffic Safety Task Force

The site has been updated with resources and documents from the Traffic Safety Task Force. Here is an excerpt from Eric Zeanah earlier this week:

From: Eric Zeanah
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 5:39 PM

Just an update from Timberlake. If you drive Timberlake in both directions, you will see at least three home signs families have created. One is very creative out of wood. But what really pleased me is I stopped to visit with Marcia Finfer, who walks her three dogs on Timberlake daily. I asked if she had seen an improvement since we started our efforts and her response was an enthusiastic, “Absolutely!”. Below is the e-mail she sent back in January when I had open discussions with the street before we started. She is now extremely appreciative.

“I have three dogs, as you all know, and have almost been hit twice.  Bernie also was run off the road while walking the mutts.  It has been suggested that I take the dogs to a dog park for their walks so that drivers don’t have to slow down.  Rumble strips will not stop the speed and assumed rights of drivers, and the strips might be quite annoying to neighbors who are close to the road.”

Let’s get the message posted. I am traveling the next two weeks but can be reached by e-mail. There has really been a difference on our street.



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  1. Barbara Houchin

    From Lansing King:
    Thanks so much for posting this. I’ll be the bad guy here and say that there is (hopefully was)
    one culprit speedster in particular who lives on Timberlake who’s way you’d better
    (driving or walking, even with dogs) get out of. I’ve turned around and
    tried to chase him down several times but he’s always been going too fast.

    Marcia Finfer wrote him a letter once but was asked by other neighbors not
    to send it for fear of creating ill will. I believe that was when it was “suggested that [she] take
    [her] dogs to a dog park for their walks so that drivers don’t have to slow down.”

    So this is good news. I haven’t seen anyone speeding much lately on Timberlake .
    Maybe the word got out. As you say. There has really been a difference on our street.

    I believe the beautiful wood sign was made by M. D. Kirkpatrick


    Lansing King

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