Alcoa Highway/Maloney Rd Intersection Explanation

Here is an explanation of the situation at the Alcoa Highway/Maloney Road intersection, as explained to our Committee Chair Gene Burr:


Subject: Alcoa Highway near Maloney Road Intersection
Mr. Burr,
It was a pleasure to speak with you recently regarding Alcoa Highway near Maloney Road in Knoxville.
During the recent safety project along Alcoa Highway near the Maloney Road intersection, there was an 8” gas line relocation and an existing 2” water line that was retired. The project included installation of curb and gutter and storm drain pipe in the vicinity of the intersection. It was the goal of the project to provide the improvements within existing right-of-way to minimize impacts and to provide an aggressive delivery schedule.  The widening design of the center medians required the use of most of the existing right-of-way.  Additional right-of-way would have been required to provide deceleration lanes at the intersection, which would have required additional time to deliver the project.
As an added measure, I have asked our Regional Traffic Office to review the location and determine if any additional low-cost safety improvements, such as signing and marking, could be added to the area near the intersection to alert the motorist that the shoulder ends prior to the Maloney Road intersection.
We were pleased to work with your community to be able to deliver this project as quickly as possible and provide interim safety improvements to Alcoa Highway.  If you have further questions or need additional information, please let me know.
Amanda Snowden, P.E.
Regional Director of Operations
TDOT – Region One
Thanks for that information, Gene!

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